Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Driven by Nicola's presentation few weeks ago about wikis, I realised to what extent contribution has evolved through the new media.

A Wiki can be described as a website that allows visitors to add, remove, edit and change its content. The fact that wikis favour the involvement and the contribution of everyone helped them to gain grounds the recent years.

As Nicola points out in her post, it's obvious that Wikis have a lot to offer to PR people, as they have the potential to facilitate their activities in many ways, by using their RSS applications, blog applications, archiving posts and reports, etc.

And now, there is more good news about wikis!! WetPaint, a popular "Wiki-farm" recently announced that they will soon provide person-to-person and private messaging between their users. This means that the users, will from now on be able to send single, or multi-person, private messages, to connect and collaborate with others about their common interests. Interesting?

And there is more news from the "wiki-world": PBwiki, the biggest consumer wiki-farm, currently in operation, has announced a partnership with YackPack, to provide a new widget, called WalkieTalkie, which can be installed on your PBwiki in less than two minutes. Then, everyone who visits your PBwiki will be able to talk to everyone else visiting the page, by simply click-and-hold the YackPack button. This is undoubtedly an innovation that adds credits to wikis, as now the power of voice is added to the contribution. It’s easy, free and fun!! This video explains everything!

As technology evolves, there is no doubt that new methods of communications will evolve. Social media are here to stay and nobody can predict what will emerge tomorrow!

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