Thursday, 26 April 2007

RSS for novices

Today it was An's turn in the class, to talk about one of the latest advents that have changed the way we communicate and the way we are getting informed nowadays. An and Derek tried hard to make it simple to us, what RSS is and how it works. But I think that this video is just perfect for novices like me, who find it difficult to understand the aggregators, Atom and all these complicated terms that RSS includes!!!Sorry An:-):-)

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Nguyen Thu An Ha said...

Hi Evi,

Thanks for posting up the video....It was interesting. I thought I DID GIVE can view the presentation on the slices from my blog. I captured the screenshot of egs, and I gave examples for 3 ways of getting the Feeds: web-based, software, and IE7 or Fireforks...I guess people were all tired and nothing got into our heads...or maybe I was going it through too quick.

Thanks again for the video