Wednesday, 25 April 2007

PR darlings...

PR darlings is a new social networking service, "where business meets pleasure". PR darlings,as it describes itself, is about "being able to socialise for the PR industry, meet PR people, get industry news, find jobs, share photos and blogs". This is not another "place" to find and address new clients, nor to promote a company's vision and aims. It's a network that can help you socialise with people who share the same interests. What you have to do is to sign up and then you "can find yourself some nice people to have a drink with on Friday"!!What do you think???:-)

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Deborah Findlay said...

Hi Evi,

At the moment this may claim to be purely a social networking site but how long will this last? If i have learned anything in the past 10 weeks it is that every piece of communication technology can be manipulated to fit with a PRs needs.

A site like this may not be taken over by the clients these PRs promote but instead the PRs will use it to publicise themselves and their company to prospective employers/emloyees. However in saying this I do think it is a very good idea and if I find a spare few mins over the next couple of days I will have a look at it.