Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Social Networks for Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech. is in the hearts and thoughts of everyone today. How can such tragedy take place in a university campus? I don't know...I'm speechless...

However, Facebook proved to be a valuable tool, helping students of Virginia Tech, to post their whereabouts and their condition after the massacre, yesterday morning.

"I'm ok at VT" is a group that was set up on Facebook, which is used by the students to communicate with each other, inform about their condition and ask about whereabouts of other students. It also includes a list of those killed, and details about the condition of those injured.

Several groups have been set up since yesterday, among which are "Christians Praying for Virginia Tech", "Canada Support Virginia Tech" etc., proving that social networks have replaced the conventional methods of communication, and especially after such an event, when all the cell networks were stressed.

What remains is to wish that it will never again be necessary for social media to be used for such reasons.

Check out: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070417/wr_nm/usa_crime_shootings_facebook_dc;_ylt=AlBwadCIzFOTNKCPNiGsl_JFr7sF

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