Monday, 23 April 2007

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter....Twitterment

As Twitter has whipped up my curiosity, I've been searching and searching in the web, to find what could be interesting or even exciting with it.

Apart from the fact that even politicians are now engaged with it (Alan Johnson, John Edwards), the fact that yes, it could be used in case of a crisis as a communication channel, the fact that it brought first the French election news yesterday, the fact that it was the first "medium" that "reported" the earthquake in Mexico City, what roused my interest is...Twitterment.

Twitterment is Twitter's search engine, developed at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, and gives you the chance to find out how much, for example, your country is "twittered". You also can compare it with other terms. Twitterment shows you how many references there have been in Twitter posts, and what percentage of all the posts these constitute, as well as the fluctuation of the number of references, according to the hour or the day.

Twitterment also provides in the front page a cloud of buzzy terms and a cloud o fading terms. This tool could be useful to PR practitioners, as they could compare their client's buzz, with their rivals'. It is similar to Google Trends, but Twitterment seems to be more reliable as the results will be the same, no matter which term is first.

These are the results of the comparison of PR with Marketing:

It's interesting, isn't it???

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