Sunday, 6 May 2007

Much to learn, you still have!!

This blog is part of an assignment of the module PR and Technology, of the MSc course I’ m having in Stirling. I have to admit, that I chose this module, which wasn’t compulsory, only because I was feeling I had to confront technology. I was something like technophobe, or at least tech-illiterate.

In the beginning of the semester, when we first created our blogs, I was excited. I could publish whatever I wanted. I would have a voice. I am really happy that now this assignment is almost over, I am as excited as I was then. I really took to it.

I really enjoyed my presence in the blogosphere. Maybe I am the one, who mostly enjoyed this assignment. I’ve spent many hours searching in the blogosphere, reading other blogs and looking for interesting things to write and comment about.

Even though it was a little bit hard, at least in the beginning, to engage myself in the conversation, at least I‘ve learnt a lot, and I think I am very benefited by my engagement with the blogosphere.

In total, I feel very satisfied I chose that module. During the last two months, not only I’ve learnt about tools I had no idea that existed, but now I also read the RSS feeds of my favourite blogs, I have an account to Bebo, MySpace, Yahoo 360, I am member of the group that Derek (our tutor) has created in Facebook, I have an account in Twitter (which I haven’t started using it though) and I have a clear idea about how new technologies affect the PR practice.

Now that I will not have to search the blogosphere to find something interesting to write about, I don’t know if I will have the same willingness to do so. But the fact that I really enjoyed it makes me feel that I would like to going on with it.

This post is accompanied with the picture that I uploaded with the first post of this blog. It’s true that I’ve learnt a lot, but…Much to learn you still have…:-)

Panathinaikos: Euroleague's Champion 2006-2007

Panathinaikos won the fourth Euroleague title in their history on their home floor, earlier this evening, after defeating CSKA 93-91 in front of 12,000 greek funs in Olympic Stadium of Athens...I wish I were there...We are the champions....:-)