Sunday, 11 March 2007

In the interests of Communications...

Mobile phones are broadly used the recent years by a wide range of companies in order to reach their publics. It is a vehicle that offers interactivity, it is cost-effective, accessible 24/7 and nowadays due to the advance of the technology provides great opportunities to have an appeal to its users.

As the phone companies have realised the need of the brands to be promoted through that vehicle, and the desire of the people to interact more using their mobile phones, they have already started providing TV services, to the cell phones' owners. This is not news.

The news is that in USA, cable operators feeling the need to remain competitive, have just started providing cell phone services. Bundling three services in one package, High-speed Internet, digital TV and telephone, is the response of four cable companies in the implacable battle for the consumer's communication business. Such packages are convenient, as all the communication costs are paid on one bill and the consumers enjoy more privileges.

What both cable operators and phone companies have now in hand, is to offer remote DVR programming, in other words, the possibility for the consumers to record TV shows on home TVs using their cell-phones.

It is obvious that both sides are determined to gain the consumers' preference, and they come up with new developments to beat each other. The question is: do the consumers really need, or want such services and features ? Or the rivals just want to impress in their attempt to have an appeal to them, without taking into account their real needs? Let's see what the future holds for the world of communications....

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